Friday, June 19, 2020

Atoms and Electrons

The body is composed of cells. The cells are not composed of food or produced by food.

Body cells are composed of atoms and an atom is a constellation of electrons a colossal reservoir of force none of which comes from food.

Electrons are the building blocks of the  Universe and the earth vegetation and all animal bodies are composed of these spiritual blocks.

An atom is a miniature solar system planets electrons circulating within the infinitesimal system of the atom around a common centre of attraction at a speed of from 10,000 to 90,000 miles per second.

It will require 340,000 barrels of powder to give a bullet the speed with which some electrons dart ( move) in and out of their groups.
A gram if hydrogen a tiny portion of the simplest gas contains enough power to lift a million tons more than a hundred yards.

On the lowest computation, there is in the cortex of a man's brain at least 600 million billions of these arsenals of power. And medical art stupidly claims that man's energy comes from food.

The chemical atom is so small that it requires a billion to make a group barely visible under the most powerful microscope. A thousand such groups would have to be united to make a speck visible to the naked eye.
The microscope reveals innumerable animalcules in the hundredth part of a drop of water.

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