Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Solar Body

by Valiant Thor

It is interesting to observe how the electric solar body engenders and interpenetrate the other bodies of man.

Man would be amazed if he could see the nerve system of his body in its entirety. For it would present to the eye the same size, shape and form of the dense physical body.

The point of a pin cannot be pressed against the body anywhere without touching a nerve; the nerves are charged with what modern science call vital force.

For that force modern science has no definite name nor rational explanation. It is just food energy or the result of chemical action or a series of chemical changes.
Nerve force, Vital Force is Solar Electricity.

During the Life oa physical man on earth, the Solar Man and his physical replica present the same identical size, shape, and form,interlocked, interwoven and inter blended so perfectly and so completely that in our sight they appear as one and the same. And yet we see only the physical form and few suspect that we are looking at Solar Man when we gaze in the mirror.

Truth is stranger than fiction. The great truth which have shaken society to its centre have always appeared insignificant to the superficial observer, while to the discoverer, the Pythagorean philosopher, the Newtonian Thinker the true principle is a pearl of priceless value.


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"When enough seeds are awake, freed from fear and other negative aspects of the third and fourth level of consciousness, the seeds of the fifth level will be able to sprout within humanity and form a whole".

The Q’eros... The older brothers... Sought refuge in the mountains at more than 4,200 meters high, away from the invaders. There they stayed for 500 years... they have guarded the original knowledge and sacred prophecy about a great change, THE PACHAKUTEK, waiting for the moment this world would take a turn, returning harmony and ending the time of chaos and disorder. The Q’eros have lived in their territories high in the Andes, practically isolated.

During the celebration of the annual festival of the "Return of the Pleiades" (QOYLLUR RIT'I) the people gathered there were amazed to see the Q’eros appear, dressed in the Inca emblem of the Sun, announcing that the time of the prophecies had arrived.
"We've been waiting for 500 years."

The ancient prophecy mentions that, this is the time of the great encounter, called Mastay and it is time for the integration of the peoples of the four cardinal points. It is they who are now offering their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day when the North Eagle and the South Condor fly together again.
They also tell us that, love and compassion, will be the forces that guide the union of peoples.

"The new guardians of the Earth will come from the West and, those who have caused a greater impact on Mother Earth, now have a responsibility to remake the relationship with her, after remaking themselves".

Prophecy holds that North America will provide physical strength, Europe will bring the mental aspect. And heart, will be given by South America. By this, prophecies are encouraging, they refer to the end of a time as we have known it so far, it is the end of a way of thinking, a way of being, a way to relate to nature and between beings.

The Incas expect the emergence of a new golden age, although they also mention tumultuous changes on Earth and in the psyche of people to re-define relationships and spirituality.
The Great Change has already begun and brings the promise of a new human being. Chaos and confusion will last 4 years.

Q’eros talk about a "tear" in the fabric of time. They say that, we must die before old models of spirituality, to open ourselves up to self-renewal, becoming midwives of a new way of thinking and acting. We need to re-learn to honour and respect Mother Earth, Father Sun, Star Sisters, discover and respect everything and all and so, be able to make a quantum leap towards what we are becoming, all together. Q’eros say the doors between worlds are opening again, holes form in the time we can go through to explore our capabilities and regain our bright nature.

The prophecies say that we are finishing the time of the transition and the fifth level of consciousness will begin to manifest, after this change the sixth level of consciousness will appear and, the golden age of humanity, will begin little by step by step. The golden era will announce the beginning of the sixth sun, that will be the time of the "children of light" who will be fully awake. Prophecy announces that when the fifth level of consciousness is reached, this will be done collectively and simultaneously.

"When enough seeds are awake, freed from fear and other negative aspects of the third and fourth level of consciousness, the seeds of the fifth level will be able to sprout within humanity and form a whole. Follow your own footprints. Learn from rivers, trees, rocks. Honour your brothers, honour Mother Earth, honour the Great Spirit. Honour yourself and all Creation. Look with the eyes of your soul and commit to the essentials."
The prophecy in full was held by Don Andres Espinoza of Q’eros and Don Benito Qoriwaman of Wasao it was recovered by Juan Nuñez Del Prado.
The prophecy says: when the Q’ero see the signs in the mountains of receding snows the PACHACUTI (reversal of world order) will begin. This happened in January of 1990. The Prophecy is participatory and energetic so it is changed by how we change.
When enough people (like a critical mass) arrive to the 4th level this will create the energetic womb for the fifth level initiates to emerge. Fifth level initiates can heal every illness every time with one touch. 12 of the will emerge and join together to perform the Mosoq Qarpay (New Initiation) to bring about the sixth level initiates, enlightened leaders who literally shine with their own light. The enlightened Couple will restore the world of humanity to harmony with Nature. The Return of the Sapa Inka and Sapa Qoya.
Now what does it mean to arrive to the 4th level? It means we choose Love over Fear every time. We take responsibility for our lives ~ no more victims. We own our shadow and no longer project it onto others. It means we stabilise the resonant field of our bubble with the entire planetary field. We are inclusive, we reject no one, we can eat every Hoocha and fear none. Examples of humans fully arrived to 4th level are few. The 4th level refers to an initiation in which you release your human mom and dad and receive Pachamama and Inti Tayta as your mother and father and all humans become your literal brothers and sisters. That would be full attainment of the 4th level.
Some who knew Don Benito say he told them that a fifth level initiate could simply walk into a room (for example the United Nations) and conflicts would find resolution just by the impact of her field. At the fourth level we can walk into any church, synagogue, mosque, temple and feel the same devotion because we directly connect with the living energy of the divine, no matter the form. There are no more religious wars at the fourth level....The Fourth Level Initiate creates connection and harmony. New solutions appear at the fourth level that were not available to the thinking of the 3rd level. The Fourth Level is the Inka measure of an adult.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Life and the Silver Cord

Man's body is not built of food as science teaches but of cosmic elements that flow from the electrical field: man itself the Ego is the life force, vital force, nerve force which penetrates the body thru the brain, spinal cord and the nerve system.

The life force also termed the life principle is the solar body that interpenetrates all the substances which constitute the physical body causing various vibrations in different densities.

The child seat of ego is said to be in the frontal sinus of the head Golden Bowl and is termed the throne of the divine man and symbolically is referred to the Bible as the throne of God and the Lamb.

According to the Ancient Masters in the brain where science thinks the nerves come to an end is the area where they transform and metamorphose into the invisible silver cord.

Science thinks the nerves end because they cannot be seen. They simply grow smaller and much finer than the blood capillaries of the body too small to be seen with a microscope.

The nerves do not end they simply grow smaller and finally dematerialize completely into bluish-white rays converging at Sahsrana Chakra in the frontal in the crown of the head and there passing through the door open in heaven as the silver cord.

From the little known election magnetic field (Astral World) which surrounds the Earth, there emerges an invisible current of electric force,  discovered by the Ancient Masters and by them called the silver cord.

That current, they discovered to be the magic creative power that covers the Earth with the Vegetal and Animal Kingdoms which we called nature.

According to their doctrine man was not formed of the dust of the ground and did not become a living soul because a fabulous God puffed into his nostrils the breath of life.

It is a greater miracle to produce a man than it is to produce all these things by which he is surrounded. Which of all these is the greatest mystery?

It is a greater miracle to produce thought,  and will and perception and sensation and all the phenomenon of mind than the colours perfumes, flavours fruits and flowers.of the vegetable kingdom.

By, with, and from the Silver Cord the natural world comes into being, and man is a part of it. He is formed by the same creative power. The brain and Spinal Cord forming first as if by magic.

The formation results under the Law of Vibration,  by which the invisible becomes visible and the Potential becomes actual.

A lawful decrease in the vibratory rate of the Silver Cord transforms the invisible stream of ions and electrons into visible substance under the same law that transforms the invisible vapours into visible water.

The brain of a man is formed first and then the region of the skull where the silver cord penetrates the brain is called Finticulus Frontalis. In the human fetus, there are seven frontalis in the skull. The Fonticulus Frontalus is the largest and remains open for a considerable time after birth and exhibits a rhythmic pulsation that harmonizes with the beating of the hearth. The current flowing as the silver cord from the electromagnetic field is that mysterious Vital Force which is responsible not only for the hearth's actual but for all the functions and pulsation that occur in the body and for the functions of every organ gland and cell.

The rhythm of cosmic force appears in all functions of the body and all of them are the expression of Universal rhythm carried into the body by the silver cord. The door if heaven is a spot that is felt in the too of the head of a newborn child and called the Fonticulus Frontalis.

The church fathers could not destroy the scrolls of India because the Scrolls were far beyond the reach of their destructive hands. In those scrolls, the door opened in heaven is termed the Brahmaeandhra,  or the Aperture of Brahma, the Trone of Shiva, the throne of the Seat of the Nibidhika Fire and thus facts was known by the church fathers who made the Bible.

As the stream of Cosmic electricity penetrates the head its vibratory rate decreases, and it condenses and materializes into microscopic fires, piercing the brain in millions of minute treads which met at the portion of the brain, called the medulla oblongata, and there concentrate, converge and form what becomes the spinal cord of the body.

The medulla oblongata at its lower portion differs slightly from the Spinal Cord itself.

The nerves originate in the brain extending down from. It is trunking named the spinal cord with countless nerves branching from the cord to all parts of the body its organs and glands. All the nerves have their specific functioning perform it without confusion.

If some obstruction hinders the flow of nerve-force at any point the force burns its way thru that obstruction and painful symptoms arising are given the names by doctors diseases.  These are cured by poisons that deaden the nerves causing the nerves to lose their vital functional powers.

The nerves are diffused thru the brain and interwoven with its substance, making the brain a switchboard that controls the nerves as a telephone or telegraph system.