Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Breath of Life

City air is a deadly mixture of smoke soot and fumes, which include carbon monoxide gas, sulphuric acid gas, benzene, methane, Sulphur compounds, and other chemicals.

In addition, city air is saturated with the fumes of motor cars trucks buses, gas engines. Thus exhaust gas consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, lead oxide and complicated benzene chain compounds of hydrocarbon series.

Let's consider one of these poisonous games carbon monoxide and tell a small part of the damage it does to the body.

Tasteless, colourless, odourless invisible to the eye, it has been demonstrated that have a concentration of 0.62 parts carbon monoxide per 10,000 cubic cm of air at street level in busy sections of cities of 500,000 population or more.

Few poisons are deadlier that carbon monoxide.  Air containing as little as 120-th of one percent will cause headaches and 150 -th if one percent will cause a total collapse.

Carbon monoxide gas seeps into the body through the lungs and mixes with hemoglobin to such an extent that the blood cannot perform its normal function of carrying the oxygen to the rest of the body.

The hemoglobin has an affinity for this gas about 300 times greater than for oxygen, so, the absorption of the gas by the blood very rapid.

The first symptoms of this poisoning are headaches and weaknesses. More serious symptoms appear as the conditions progress.

People are told in food propaganda to eat this and that kind of food, to offset this weakness.

There is no natural or acquired immunity to the gas. Repeated exposure produces the same effect each time.

Many who drop dead or die suddenly are not afflicted with hearth disease as doctors’ claims. The cause of death is polluted air.

The corrosive acids in the air attack cells and reissues, throat nose lungs brain, heart, liver, spleen, kidney and sex organs.

They attack the blood corpuscles and cripple them so seriously that they cannot carry the normal function. They condition the medical art name anemia.
They attack the nerves and the resulting pain and medical art name neuritis. As the nerves weaken paralysis may result.
They attack the cells if the muscles producing rheumatism
They attack the tissues if the joints and is called arthritis.
They attack the tissues of the air cavities of the cranial bones and is called sinusitis.
They attack the throat and is named laryngitis tonsillitis diphtheria.
When they attack the cells if the blood vessels of the hearth are named hearth diseases.
When they attack the cells of the lungs is named tuberculosis.
When they attack the cells if the pancreas medical art calls it diabetes.
Medical art rules largely by superstition and speculation and being nothing more than a modernized version of ancient voodooism; makes a confusing mystery of what it calls disease for profit and greed.
A man was inspired to build a Miracle Cabinet consisting of a bed with enclosed sides and top well ventilated and introducing air conditioning electrically with a fan through vents.
He used the cabinet for patients with respiratory illnesses such as colds, high fever, sore throats, diphtheria, asthma, influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, mumps, measles, rheumatism neuritis and diabetes
His success proved that good fresh air in motion will cure the sick who have failed to respond to long medical treatment.
He proved that there is no disease. There are only two conditions good health and bad health.

The symptoms of bad health the doctors are trained to study group together give named that means nothing and term them diseases.

This seems is supported by centuries of false teachings by which medical art has created false physiology of disease, that yields gigantic profits. The medical art is one of the biggest fraud on earth.

Medical propaganda leads people to believe that medical art is trying to get rid if si called disease. Who can think that any organization or institution is working g to bring about its own end?

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