Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Nuclear Tests Effects on Humanity

In the case of nuclear tests resumed by major nations, there is a danger that the human race will be exterminated due to the accumulation of Carbon 14 in the air which will make it more combustible until the atmosphere will become ignited and burn.
The molecules of air will be mutated by solar and atomic radiation. The globular vitality is being eaten by radiation, the neutron attaching the carbon staff of life making the molecule vulnerable to ignition and so causing the air to catch fire.

The electronic particles in the air are rapidly depleted by radioactive fallout, making them spontaneously catching fire.

The government of the United States is aware of this scientific fact and was doing "research " regarding the subject. Tests were done for research for "forests preservation" in 1960.
Animal life breathes oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. Plant life inhales carbon dioxide and replaces it with the magnetic vitality necessary for animal life to exist, giving off oxygen.
Both plants and animal world cannot exist without the other. (Our note In 2020 the forests are destroyed at an alarming state with the aid of International Monitory Fund and large private corporations and governments are actively destroying the forests for the benefit of the few. Canadian Forests, Romanian Forests South American forests are eaten by the greed of few Corporations connected with Wall Street and the Banking Industries).

Now without this vital energy in the air which the ancients called "vitality globules" (and which science now calls free electrons) the air we breathe does not give us the proper amount of regenerated magnetism, which comes from plant life and especially from trees.

Threes old trees especially produce a great number of regenerated globules necessary to animal life. When animal life does not receive the proper quantity of vitality globular it cannot return to plant life the necessary carbon dioxide. Radioactive fallout is known to cause atmospheric nitrogen to be replaced by Carbon 14 which is accumulating in the air at abnormally high amounts. With the vitality globules or free electrons in the molecules of our being replaced by Carbon 14, this increases the probability for neutrons to attack the Carbon and the result is radioactive fire. This will happen to the air particles as fallout increases. This will ignite from the bombardment of the neutrons as happens to the uranium pile in the cyclotron when the neutrons are left to attack it.

And this explains all the fireballs which are plaguing the world.
If the flood if fire comes, this fire will eventually release the polar ice caps at both north and south poles with will deluge the world with a superabundance of water.

The meeting of the ice will give the world a new supply of purified oxygen and the water will wash the soil clean of all radioactive impurities that have been settled in as a result of the fallout.
The release of the polar ice caps will cause the earth to shift on its axis at least 90 degrees. The fires are with us today and are an everyday threat to our survival.

The Fascinating Teachings of Valiant Thor by Liliana Usvat (www.ucbooksale.com)

Atomic Age Angels Flying Saucers the Hollow Earth, the King of the World and the Anti-Nuclear Philosophy of Valiant Thor by Dr. Raymond Bernard

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