Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Solar Body

by Valiant Thor

It is interesting to observe how the electric solar body engenders and interpenetrate the other bodies of man.

Man would be amazed if he could see the nerve system of his body in its entirety. For it would present to the eye the same size, shape and form of the dense physical body.

The point of a pin cannot be pressed against the body anywhere without touching a nerve; the nerves are charged with what modern science call vital force.

For that force modern science has no definite name nor rational explanation. It is just food energy or the result of chemical action or a series of chemical changes.
Nerve force, Vital Force is Solar Electricity.

During the Life oa physical man on earth, the Solar Man and his physical replica present the same identical size, shape, and form,interlocked, interwoven and inter blended so perfectly and so completely that in our sight they appear as one and the same. And yet we see only the physical form and few suspect that we are looking at Solar Man when we gaze in the mirror.

Truth is stranger than fiction. The great truth which have shaken society to its centre have always appeared insignificant to the superficial observer, while to the discoverer, the Pythagorean philosopher, the Newtonian Thinker the true principle is a pearl of priceless value.

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